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Not really a 'newbie'!

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:59 pm
by gracelikerain
I love FW and can't believe that I've been here so long, yet not taken the time to become a 500 member. It's almost embarrassing :oops: I know that it takes all of us to keep this fantastic site alive and I've been really blessed by all the 'extras' I've already explored around the 500 area.

And now I'm just getting around to saying 'Hi'. What a procrastinator I've become in my old age!

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:04 am
by Deb Porter
Gynis, you know the old saying: Better late than never. :D God bless you for signing up. Your support is greatly appreciated (as you always have been).

Love, Deb

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:00 am
by Writetrack

SO glad to see you signed up! Welcome to the 500! And thanks so much for your support. You are a blessing. :)