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Thanks, Pup!

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:48 pm
by deejay
I was saying in another thread that I had some points from one of the survey sites I'm a member of, and offered to buy two copies of the Christian Writer's Market Guide and give one to someone as a gift, in exchange for whatever. Pup gave me a sponsorship in FW 500 in exchange; right now I'm still waiting for the gift card to come through--takes a couple of weeks-- and when it comes, I'll be ordering two copies on I got the official notification that I am now on FW 500 today. Now I can check out the Private Messages--already did, deleted both after reading--instead of having that nagging 'You have X Private Messages" when I log in.

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:06 am
by itsjoanne
VERY cool. Pup's a sweetiepie!

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:39 pm
by deejay
Got the gift code, and ordered the two books. Should be coming in 5-9 business days. Now I just have to come up with the money to send Pup's copy to him. I just got his address.

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:42 pm
by violin4jesus
That's awesome, Deejay! You definitely are getting the better end of the deal, although I'm pretty sure Pup knew that already! :lol:

So neat for you to be more involved with FW. :)

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:31 pm
by JesusPuppy
itsjoanne wrote:VERY cool. Pup's a sweetiepie!
I am not. :roll:

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:20 pm
by Writetrack
Aw... what a total sweetheart. (And don't you DARE deny it, Pup).

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:59 pm
by JesusPuppy
In al actuality it is from my own greedy nature that I have done this. I don't want to loose the site. Where else can I go to have fun AND learn something. :roll:

...and being sweet is not any part of it. So there... :P

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:30 pm
by drschuetz
Pup, how can you possibly say that? Just look at that face. Who can look into those puppy dog eyes and not be just absolutely convinced that you're sweet?

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:01 am
by JesusPuppy
That's it... I will change back to the other avatar. :roll:

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:05 am
by drschuetz
It doesn't matter what avatar you use, Pup. You can't get away from who you are. And we all love who you are.

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:23 pm
by Shann
I agree you are the sweetest pup on earth! And I'm a cat person, but I still love the occasional pup!