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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:13 pm
by Come forth
It must be really hard to write upside down, because I posted on this thread yesterday and can't find it anywhere today. I must have hit the wrong button after all my creative flow ended. :lol:

Anyway, hello, once again, from Innisfail, North Queensland. I am a married guy, a semi-retired upholsterer/motor marine trimmer and I love writing. Now we find out if the love is backed by ability.

I really believe you reap what you sow, so the logical step for me was to join at platinum level. Although, to be honest, it is difficult money wise, the end result is that I also hope it will help me to make money somewhere along the line. And if not, my Lord will provide and I'll still enjoy the writing/feedback/fellowship.

I've writen for years, all kinds, fiction, articles, teachings and poetry; mainly poetry. I have boxes and boxes of stuff I can now start to polish up and share.

Looking forward to the journey. God bless all, Graham