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I can't believe no one has commented on this great poem. There is no way I could have read this without commenting. It reminds you of the poem footsteps but with a more personal reader insight. The thoughts that went through my mind as I read this will give me pause to think for days. Thank you for a great read
This poem was great. Surely it tells of a father worth following. In today's culture, we are not as constantly aware of the need to follow for the sake of others! This father realized that he was setting an example. He was truly a hero - even though he didn't think so. Nice thoughts.
Great poem! It honors a man's life, who has been an honorable example for his son to walk in his steps. If our children followed in our steps would that be good for them? Good example of a gifted writer.
Wonderful. It is comforting to know that there are leaders out there who inspire such eloquent words. Your poem made me want to be a worthy servant leaving footsteps for others to follow. Thank you!