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A good article, but very hard to read with the paragraphs not separated.
Clyde, I read this early this morning and couldn't agree more. I am totally in tune with you in this. It's about time we Christians learned to celebrate a person's passing more. After all, it's what we lived our lives for. You know how, when someone dies, everyone sort of clucks their tongues and lists the sad reasons they shouldn't have died? "Did you hear she died in the theatre? She was only 52! Her first grandchild was on the way..." etc., etc., etc. Instead of saying, "How wonderful for her! Lucky her!" which is so true (although for us it is just a black hole, admittedly.) Let us celebrate with that person and envision the happy reunions on the other side. If you want to know what they are like, watch "A Baby Story" at the moment of birth! The joy, the tears of happiness, the laughter, they're all there. If you want you yearn for Heaven, read "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn, or "One Minute Before You Die." Also, there is one called "Sixty (or is it Ninety?) Minutes in Heaven." They'll feel you with the proper yearning. I find that, often, these types of stories, the personal experience ones, don't seem to win, but I think there's a place for them. There are things I only want to communicate factually. I congratulate you on a good piece!
Really liked this piece. I especially like the last sentence. Thanks for the comments on my articles. Keep writing. 10-4 on the dog lovers. have 3, one named Sam....Dave