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Great humur in this piece. Well done - I was there! (Not that I'm ever shopping on Christmas Eve you understand, but I know a man who is!)
Sorry - humour - I do know how to spell really!
In line with "Shopper? Stop Her!". Perhaps not as skillfully written though.
Men of the world unite!

God bless and keep writing.

Actually we love to be with our wives at anytime.
This was a great poem with a wonderful sense of humor infused in it. The only problem I saw were a few stanzas that didn't rhyme. If you could make them rhyme, this piece would be DOUBLE dynamite! Good job! Keep up the humor!
Cute and fun! I like seeing from the husband's POV. The verse with missing the TV special was my fave. Thanks for sharing! ^_^
What a sweet husband to give up your TV special. Don't worry, you can tape it. ;-)
I did enjoy the humor in this, though the rhyming was off in places. Your gift is transmitting humor; keep it up!
Clyde, this was a treat to read. Yes, there were some things that could do with a little technical tweak (like "ads," not "adds), but it was fun and that's the most important part. I enjoyed it. Excellent ending as well.

Keep them coming.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' Magazine)