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This piece was light, fun, clever, adventuresome, and unusual. I especially liked the use of the word "behopped". Wonderful and awakening, this piece is! Great job!
Really cute. I'm not sure whether you meant "tail" or "tale", but a very well written poem. A lot of humor here.
I could picture ol' Bruno all the way. Colorful, humorous, and will be thinking about this one for awhile.

God bless and keep writing.
Ahh, a wonderfully written poem! you used some strong verbs and nouns and varied the names for "bull" (
bovine,ect.) Kudos .. you have a gift for this form of poetry!
What a hoot! I could picture ol' Bruno shopping. Thanks for the laugh! =)
What a delightful story! I chuckled all the way through it! Very Clever!
Great poem
This was very cute. I kept wondering when he'd go into the china shoppe, but I loved what you did with this. Great job!
Love this - absolutely delightful. Congratulations for making the editor's choice!
CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved first place and EC win!! :D You did a terrific job on this hilarious poem, and I enjoyed every single line!
Congrats on placing and EC! Very entertaining and well done.
Well, I just have to say it: Poor Bruno! : )
However, congratulations on this delightful piece of writing. You captured the mood and the animal so well.
But, then again: Poor Bruno.
Way to go, beth. Beyond super poem. Congrats on your ribbon and EC placement. God bless.
to Nathan and all readers--please be assured that no animals were harmed in the writing of this poem :)
There was a poet, farmland-raised
Whose poems bore the scent of earth
Whose tales of cattle (often braised)
Filled everyone who read with mirth.

I'd praised this poet's work before,
(Surely to such are laurels owed)
To use the same words...what a bore!
So here are kudos in an ode!

(Sorry...I couldn't resist)
Oooh! So fun! I liked to read about all his little treats and the ending was just cute! Nicely done! ^_^
WOW.. this was truly amazing and hilarious. You are one ultra talented writer... I am still chuckling!
This is brilliant!!!! You are so creative.
Wonderful, Beth! This is so should submit this to "Country Woman" is far better than any I've read there!
I still LOVE this one, Beffers!! Terrific!