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I enjoyed the surprise ending. Great job.
This story made me laugh! Great ending, loved it.
I really enjoyed this. In his old age Mr. Jones' youthful imagination was restored to him.
Fun and unexpected ending!
As a dog lover, I loved this story. The ending was great. (I was so glad the dog didn't get attacked by the cougar.)
This is exceptionally well written, beyond level 1, in my opinion. Unlike the other comments, I sense a tragedy in the narrator's past that prompts him to relive the experience in his declining years. Sam is alive, again, in his mind, which is a comfort to the old man, but his crying out to Sam makes me think Sam's charging the cougar also meant his end. At any rate, this is a fine story and I relish the clever twist at the end.
Good article.
Good job!I like this. Well done. Comical and imginative. Keep on writing, this is great.:0)Janice
Comical somtimes how the elderly can find adventure in the hallway while riding in a wheelchair. Sometimes I think it's God's way of keeping them excited and active. Enjoyed this.