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i found this very easy to read. good job :)

A really good angle on the Prodigal son story! Loved it!
Excellent modern-day version.

Flowed very well; a fun read.

Everyone has really stepped up their game this week.

I'm glad I'm not one of the judges!


Once again,
nice work.

Dan Blankenship

Nicely done modern Prodigal story with enough of a twist to make it feel "new." Enjoyed this read!
I liked the modernized version of the prodical son thanks for sharring
Excellent story!
I liked this modern retelling. Just the right combination of modern and the old story.

Next time, you might want to put the reference to the original story, also.

Overall, great job! I enjoyed this.
Enjoyed your story and the message. Repentance makes all the difference. :)
I thought it was a great modern retelling. The reference to the Prodigal Son is very might have a different effect to make it more veiled, so the reader has more of an "Aha!" moment.
You did a good modern day prodigal son story. Well-weaved. Enjoyed it.
A fresh retelling, and well done. Try and watch out for the orginal shock value of the story and up date that too.
I would have placed you in the top three!

This was really good, as I said before.

I believe you will become a novelist!

May God bless and keep you writing more and more.

Dan Blankenship