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This is a really powerful story of trusting in God to help us forgive and show grace, where in our "human-ness" we cannot.
Your descriptions were spot-on of the MC's emotions. I was right there with her.
Very nicely done!
This was really well written. You made me feel her emotions and the ending was very challenging - not just for her, but for us all. Obedience is never always easy.
An unusual take on the topic and very challenging. Well written.
Wow. Your writing is wonderful. I see real talent here, and if you keep this up, then you won't be in beginners for long. :)

I loved how your MC was very honest with her emotions. She didn't just magically decide to forgive her ex-husband. She admitted that it would take time but that she would try her best with the Lord's help, and that attitude made her voice very authentic.

I look forward to reading more of this author's stuff in the near future. Thank you for sharing. :)
Your MC's voice was so authentic, and your word choices precise and meaningful. Her internal conflict was very realistic. I also liked your metaphor of hope, both for Spring and her renewed spirit. Your ending is just the right blend of optimism and uncertainty, and I'm glad you resisted any urge to wrap it all up with a tidy, pat ending.
This is a really powerful story. I can imagine the pain of rejection and the difficulty in being obedient to that "Voice" who knows better than I do what my act will do.
I was very glad you didn't have an idealistic ending. Your descriptions of what he had stolen from her were spot on.
A wonderfully written story, and congrats on your well deserved win!