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Oh, what a tragic ending! But great job at putting a human face on this natural disaster.
This is a true story. Charles Haszard was the local schoolteacher. I just added in the descriptive detail. The drawing room, the number of children, the iron roof, and the hand of his wife moving above the mud are all true. I was not able to find his wife's name, however, so I made that part up.
Well done in the retelling of a historical moment in one person's life and that of a nation.
Very well told. Good job.
Great entry idea!

I think you did a really excellent job of re-telling the event. Great use of dialogue. Great description.

One note.
Personally? I would leave out the word God's and say instead "the frightening display of fury as it tore up the sky"

Way to go - Way to write!! :) I am impressed!

This is beautifully written, but such a tragic story, even more so because it is true.
Wow, this is really good! I really enjoyed it, tragic as the story is. I felt like I was right there with the family during the episode. Good job!
Excellent descriptive writing on a factual event. The story flows smoothly and engages your reader nicely. Great job!
What a great idea to approach the topic, and you kept me engaged the whole way through. Good job!
Historical fiction is one of my favorite types of literature to read. You've done a great job!
Hi Kellie. Just wanted to leave a quick note (a bit late) to let you know your entry "Hello? Anyone There," actually did very well in the Australia/NZ Challenge. You ranked 7th in Level 1. Well done.

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You definitely deserve a pat on the back. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)