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This is so cute and the dialogue between kindergardeners is so realistic. I was smiling through this whole story. Well written. I think instead of visiting the Great Barrier Reef though, it would be more exciting to see the Great Bear Feet. Grin. I'd even bring the honey.:0)
Hilarious! "Granny's hairy toes" just about did me in. Loved it.
This was fantastic. I loved the dialogue and the humor...
You won't be in beginners long with writing like this. Excellent job.
This is just hilarious. I can imagine those kids saying things like that. Great job.
This was so funny! I'm a teacher and the conversations between these kids are so realistic! Casey cracked me up every time!
I loved this. I have worked with small children and I could just hear their voices and excitement. Good job!
You MC's voice is perfect and the writing is fabulous, love the humor.
You gotta love Casey.. LOL This sounds like my Sunday School class. :) What a fun place to plan to visit, "Great Bear Feet." Very creative!
My Granny shaved her hairy toes after reading this entry. Great job... you have a real future in writing.
I loved the dialogue! I felt like I was sitting in the classroom watching the whole thing happen. Very good indeed.
You've perfectly captured a moment in time and have been able to re-tell it so well in dialogue and authenticity. I really liked the way the youthful observations of the world.
CONGRATS on your win and your EC Placing.. that is especially an honor from beginners... Your writing is informative, funny, smooth and engaging... you're moving up to INT. now!
Absolutely great! Funny, funny, funny. You captured the thoughts of Mr. Jansen well and switched to all of the kid's voices wonderfully. Congrats, well deserved win.
Hee-hee! This is so very authentic! I used to teach elementary school, and your story transported me right back into the classroom! Wonderful dialogue and terrific humor! CONGRATULATIONS on your level win and your EC!! :)
This is SO clever and fun! No wonder you made the EC!! Excellent.
Congratulations on this wonderful story. Your sense of humor is delightful and a definite dispenser of joy.
Your stories are awesome. You should get the stories published.