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Awww! What a sweet story! The title hinted at something completely different, but this was a charming read. I loved these darling characters, especially the doll, Amanda Sue. ^_^
This was really neat. I don't hate the challenge for"United Kingdom" as much as I did before! Not knowing anything about it, this was a lovely story.
I was thinking something different when I read the title, but the surprise was good.

I can imagine a little child thinking those things and being afraid to go on that bridge.

Nice job.
Creative idea for the topic.

I tend to lean towards 'simplicity is best" so I think the last line would read and feel better like this...
_ Leaning forward in the seat, she put Amanda Sue up to the window so they could both see._

Just a thought. :)

Keep writing! :)
I enjoyed your story--could see and understand what was happening with your little girl and liked the patience of her mother.
Kids have such literal meanings for things! You never know how they will interpret song words. Sweet story.
This is very well written. As soon as Annie showed concern, I knew what was coming--but it was fun to see it unfold. Your dialogue is very good. I don't think you'll be in Beginners for long.
Fantastic - the title was perfect! Great blend of interesting tidbits with real, squishy characters that I cared about. Wonderful, awesome job.