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Absolutely marvelous!
Beautiful story. Jesus set us free. God bless ya, littlelight
"It was then that he understood". Revelation comes to us when we are close to God. Good entry.
You've got MY vote! This is an awesome story. Way past beginner status...
A sure winner! Excellent usage, drama and reality. Out of the box top!
Very well written!
Good intesity that kept the interest throughout. Good job.
A wonderful entry! I wish that you would have actually told us about Yeshua in the piece. Not only would that bless any Jew who might read this, but it would also help Christians in their own witnessing.
Wonderful! Riveting story! Held me beginning to end.
'You think you can get away with anything' and you can't get away with being in beginners :)Good job!
WOW - it might be time to move to intermediate. This is great - very powerful.
Brandi, this was a really wonderful story and you would have definitely been in the running for an award ... but the bad news was that you were too far over the word count maximum and so had to be disqualified. It was so close and I must have checked the count about half a dozen times in the hope that I was wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't, so to be fair to everyone who makes it within the limit, we couldn't include it in the judging.

The maximum allowed for the Challenge is 750 words (and I do add a little extra on for differences in word counters). Your entry came in at 763, which was just too far over to be fair to everyone else. But Brandi, you are a gifted writer and I'm sure you'll do well in future challenges. Just keep the word count limits in mind when you enter - 150 minimum and 750 words maximum.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)