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I'm so new at this. You may think this article was nonsense, but it has helped me understand something - that I'm not the only one who struggled with "passport" and not the only one who starts articles anew a dozen times before one is actually birthed. Please don't give up - whoever you are. I love the paragraphs you did in your journaling. Any one of them will make a great piece once you develop them!
It's nice to know everyone struggles with some topic. Thanks. Good work!
Now that was funny!!! he-he. Good reply!
I would say that I'm in the same boat, but I am in the same boat!
God bless ya, littlelight
Well done for actually writing, sometimes that is the hardest part. One of the judging criteria is, Would this appeal to a broad variety of readers, and not Faithwriters specifically? I liked your first thoughts the most (homeless idea) and would be interested in seeing if you follow up on the story.
Really cute! Gave us all a chuckle for sure!
Hiya Nina. Well done you, posting an entry when you struggled so hard. I'm with Sally, the homeless story had a lot going for it. You presented your narrator clearly and succinctly. I often have to push passed what I think is rubbish and keep writing. Then I glean the gems from a much bigger piece and work with those. Writing is a process of discovery. You are an explorer. Explore where an idea is taking you until you can write no more. Oh, and while your on that journey, turn your inner critic off! You must not judge the quality of the first draft. It is for you and you alone! Yeggy