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Awww...I felt as let down as you did when I read the last few lines..Good story, sad ending. God bless ya, littlelight
The ending was so disappointing. Is it based on real life? Loved the introduction and the way you brought the fair experience and your dislike of flying together. Can relate totally! Thanks for sharing!
Oh wow! I can't stand those kind of rides either - tilt-a-whirl is my speed (well at least before I had whiplash lol). I don't even like the giant swings.

What a disapointement!! But, better to find out before than have it happen after you were there.
What was written was written very well! Definately have a smooth use of the language. The memory from childhood was strong. We needed to see at least that much space dedicated to the planned trip and then a real focus on the disappointment of the cancellation. Keep at it! Talent here!