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Are you sure only mothers suffer from your MMM syndrome? I think there are people who never have children have some of these same problems you describe. Perhaps there are some on FW who might be able to come up with suggestions or answers for you. Thanks for sharing.
Funny! Thank you for naming this illness!
Finally a name for all of these symptoms. As a mother of four...I can truly relate. Great job!
Well done. The humor makes it a delightful read.
Well written and very funny! Great work!
Very creative! Loved the ending!
You mean it's not just me??? :) I'm voting for the hammock, book AND chocolate :) oh a message wouldn't be bad either. Very enjoyable :)
I enjoyed reading this! Could so relate on every level. Like your your chocolate therapy - think I'll go try it! Really good job.
I was hooked from the moment I spotted the title. This was such an enjoyable read and so well written. Obviously written by an 'expert'!
Cute, very cute and very well written! An excellent discourse on a common malady!! ;-D
I had to stop by and encourage you. I was one of the judges for retreat and this entry was my favorite in your category and right up there with all the winners in my ratings. This was the note I made on my tally sheet, "Awesome humorous story about the need for moms to take a break. Delightful in every way." Thanks for sharing it. Keep writing! :)