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I like this one!
Another one I can relate to -as another glasses wearing bookworm. Very well written :) I was panicking right along with you lol.
Most enjoyable!
Hooray! What an enjoyable read. I laughed out loud! Great work!
Very enjoyable read. Thanks.
So funny! My husband's the same way-good entry!
I love it when the writer carries me to the scene, and you did just that. Very vivid, I could feel the cold wire rims too. Great story
You did a good job on this! I really enjoyed the trip - even the near drowning! :) Shouldn't you be moving up soon?
Yup, this is definitely not beginner's writing.
I agree with the others: this is good writing. You transport the reader into the scene very neatly and allow the reader to feel your panic when you go under. Loved the way you tied the story into the end of our life's journey and that final 'curve' in the river. Keep writing.
Good story, good imagery, good progression, good resoluation - a great work!
Excellent work - I was right there with you too!
; 0 ah . . . perception! Reminds me of a story a friend told me - only she was walking across rapids when she slipped, and was heading towards the falls when she was ordered to stand up. She found herself in ankle deep water! Helga