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You have a wonderful story. I like how you took the unique approach to the topic. Having it be about a dog rather than a person was a great idea.
I like that the one retiring was not human. What a great story this is! I hope Sam still had many years left in him! :) (We had a dog that loved working with livestock. This brought back memories!)
This was a story from a great POV. I love how it showed the wisdom/instinct and loyalty of our animals. As a dog lover I appreciated this story.
You really made me have empathy for Sam. Creative. Well done.
I'm a dog lover and my 2 Aussies are getting older. Stone is 12 and Patches will be 11 in Nov. They have the heart of a pup, but their bodies are not what they used to be. Still, they don't act as they know it.
Good story.
What a great perspective. Good dogs never really retire, do they?
I enjoyed your story very much--plotted just right and with a delightful MC.
I really liked this. What a great take on the topic. Well done!
Loved the story and the ending was wonderful. I was afraid it was going to take a sad turn.
I like Old Sam's story, told from his point of view. Nice pace, and a comfortable voice. I could see a chapter book for youth based on Sam's adventures as a (not)retired porch dog. :)