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Men are very logical! That was a point very well taken! I imagine from the first paragraph or two you must be talking about an alarm clock! I hope I was right. Good beginning! Interesting for sure!
I always unplug everything, let it sit awhile then boot it back up again. Almost always works:) Technology can indeed be very frustrating.
We all take our turns in love hate relationships with our "little black boxes." You hit a nerve, probably with most women who do love technology, but just want everything to work and hope that problems go away on their own. Praise God for tech savvy husbands.
I enjoyed your descriptions of your feelings. There were several attempts to reach a solution, all with failure and the frustration that followed. However your story was about persistence, seeking help, and triumph. Just as our walk is with the Lord! Thanks
"Men are so logical! "

--HEY! I resemble that...sometimes...(lol)

nicely told. we need good reminders of how dependent we are on technology. it amazes me how many people are clueless on how to do things without all our modern gadgets. you revealed that well.
I've definitely shared your frustration! Well-written.