The Official Writing Challenge
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Hehehe I liked this. Cute.

In general, try to stay away from using the writing challenge as part of your story. If you were to share it outside of FatihWriters, people wouldn't understand.

An interesting tidbit... There is no "large conference table." The whole of Faithwriters is run by two people who live on two different continents!

I'm sure a lot of people who enter the challenge can relate to your main character's problem. I know I can!
I've read quite a few entries this week but I enjoyed this piece best of all so far. Thanks. Colin
We just can't avoid the business of the day sometimes. Clever idea for your entry. Over use of the word, "Brenda." Try other synonyms such as, "this aspiring writer," "tired as she was, she," "The sleepy novice," "The exhausted author,"...etc.
All writers relate to your MC's deadline predicament. Since you asked, more "showing" and less "telling" would make this story even more interesting, I think. Your writing certainly shows promise.
Yes she had our nightmare. It could happen to any one of us.
Very Clever.
Ah, well done! I loved how you tied in the "green" topic at the end. Spot on!

One thing I noticed- the paragraph after item #6 covers your MC's hectic week. You had already mentioned that early on, so I stumbled a bit reading it again.

This is a story I'm sure all writers can relate to. Good job and keep writing!
You definitely nailed the challenge "madness". Been there, almost done that, but I've never slept all the way through the night. I've missed some deadlines by falling asleep tho. :) Your writing is very good for your level - I expect to see you move up soon!
A very candid and humorous way of expressing how all of us feel about writing for the challenge! I agree about the overuse of 'Brenda' in the story. Apart from the disgusting green stuff from the nose, I enjoyed the story thoroughly. LoL (",) ROFL!