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Good suspense! I like the frantic pacing and the transition from showing how her character stayed the same even to one year later. Nice job. Feels like a slight "left behind" vibe is going on.
This reminds me of my attempts to witness to some of my family. I never thought of leaving them the truth in an envelope. Hmmmmmm! I would hope, however, that I would leave because God called me Home, and not that the Rapture had taken place; it would be too late then. This was very well written and I found it to be easy to read and kept my interest all the way.
I enjoyed this story of the disappearing act of the rapture, although I'm a post tribulation rapture person myself. Nice to have a meaningful prophetic piece. Colin
Very suspenseful; great pacing. Well done!
For readers who don't get into studying about rapture and such things, you need to spell out a little more in the piece (concerning what happened to the mother),but the story line will hold people's interest. In other words, a writer can't assume too much about their readers sometimes.
Very creative for the topic, well paced and suspenseful. The tense changes made me stumble as I read through (you switched back and forth from present to past a few times throughout the piece). Very good storyline.
Excellent! Well told! Good writing!
Gripping suspense! I love it.