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This could very well be a ballet, with all the twisting, ducking and falling. LOL. What a fun read! The touch of romance was just right too, I hope Ashley and Derek do stay together...and work out the klutz thing. Good story!
Ohh I like this story! The way it is written reminds me of Sue Grafton author of 'The Alphabet Murders'. Different genre of course but same crisp, 'pacey' style. WELL DONE
Very fun romance!

There were a number of punctuation errors that became distracting after a while--one more edit might have done the trick.

This appealed to the softie in me--love a lighthearted story.
I always enjoy a wholesome romance and I did like yours.
Study up on punctuation for dialogue/quotes. Good job.
Nice story. The errors are a little distracting, but it is difficult trying to figure the italics and stuff out. I still haven't mastered it. But none-the-less it was a charming little romance story. I'm looking forward to reading you each week.
I loved the play on words on the "Boundary" book store. Brilliant! Great story and a fun read.
I just wanted the story to go on and on....
Love your writing style!
Your creativity shouted through the writing errors. Very cute story and definitely on topic.
Great story and fun to read.
What an enjoyable romance! I think Ashley and Derek definitely have a future... and a good sense of humor helps! Good job.
Awww, I love a nice gooey, romantic tale.

Yes, there were a few punctuation problems, but nothing that isn't easy to fix.

This reminded me a little of the scene in the travel agent in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

I like the visuals, all too real in the nervous first date experience :-)
Really like this story, as I am a romantic at heart. I can also picture the klutzy part of this too.

Bookstore fits quite well and I would want to follow this romance. Good story
How romantic! Makes me want to cuddle up and bat my eyelashes. :) This is a fun story.
Congrats on placing 8th in Level 1 Ruth!!! Tough competition, so good job!
This had me smiling from the minute she put on her old tennies! Delightful is a perfect word for this. You had me feeling as though I was Ashley. I too would like to see this continue. You have great natural instincts on that inner dialect also.