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Well I am surely qualified to comment on this entry since I could claim it is addressed to me -- though I have no recollection of a Mr Dasher and Australia is coyote free. But like the other Pip I do not cackle (sometimes snort if out of control laughing)and I think the writer of this letter would be great fun to meet.Lots of focus on the topic; lots of humour. I feel as though the writer dashed off a quick note (750 is not much after all!) and left me way too soon. Fun.
This is delightful, and it has soooo much potential.

It's best to avoid refering to the topic or the assignment, and to just get to the story. You have a wonderful writer's voice--pick one of the smaller stories and just tell it in your charming way. The other stuff (the letter to Pip, the reference to your writing group) seemed like filler.

I enjoyed this very much, and would gladly read more in a similar voice.
A unique point of view. I enjoyed the letter format.
Cute story...but yes, listen up to some of the commenters as they're usually correct in trying to help beginners. My only suggestion would be to work on your format a bit, you know, the paragraphing in the first part; but I enjoyed the read - and it was unique. Keep at it! (*.*)
I agree, this was a pleasure to read. I really enjoyed it.
"as heat rose from my toes to my face." I loved that line, and the totally-engaging way you have recorded your feelings as well as your memories. Any of the stories could have been filled out to stand as separate entries; but framing them within a letter is a very novel and creative approach - almost as if we are looking over your shoulder as you put it together. Very well done.