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It took me a little time to realize that the dialogue at the beginning was over the phone. (May need a little transition?) That last line chilled me. No more sharing with that person you cared about. I've been there. Well done.
The reader is able to feel Paul's pain for his close friend, but what a friend we have in Jesus who bears all our griefs and pains. You managed to convey this as well.
Compelling and heart-felt . . . very good writing.
This is so sad. Well-written, although I too didn't quite realize that there was a telephone involved in the conversation at first. Thanks for sharing!
The connection to this week's topic is very tiny, but the story is good at conveying a friend's heartbreak and remorse. Well done.
Loved this: "I know you feel he has slipped through your fingers, but I assure you that he did not slip through Mine. How wonderful to know that God holds us in the palm of His hand and will not let anyone or anything pluck us out. Well-written. I loved it.

Ohhh Thought provoking!! I liked it! Makes me want to make sure I keep up with all of my postcards to friends near and dear.. before its too late
This speaks to me on several levels to the tension between hope in God and lonely, self-defined desolation. Well done! Makes me want to not waste a single moment or take any relationships for granted.
Laurie, this was a very moving entry. I was judging Level 1 that week and it was definitely a good read. The only area that could probably do with a bit of a tweak was the dialogue. It felt a little stilted and formal for normal conversation. That's where contractions come in hand - like "I'll" instead of "I will." It removes the formality and makes the dialogue seem more conversational and real. Other than that, it was a good, solid entry. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Actually, my "I'll" example was probably not the best one - as you did use that. But there are other things like "we will." Thought I'd better clarify that. :-) Love, Deb