The Official Writing Challenge
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This is cute, but I was unclear what type of prose this was. I'm guessing a free-verse poem but was not certain.
I agree, this was a real cute idea to meet the challenge. I'm not sure of the style, either, but that's not surprising. I am stuck in a rut!
It was an unique way to write. I enjoyed how you covered all the different ways to translate ohh. Keep writing.
I enjoyed this very much--there was something on each of the three levels that I could relate to. No bugs! A very fun entry.
This was a fun entry--even the "unknown" styling added to the fun. Very creative take on the topic, and I'm glad you did it.
I like how the words and sentences grow longer with each line. Creative way to write it! It kind of makes anticipation for what's next grow with the words. :) Interesting style!
Creative and fun!
Love this Holly! Really great! Can identify with many of those!
Hey AnneRene'. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for the critique and going through such a long chapter. I agree with you that I have too much information about starting a band than I need, and I'm trying to decide how to summarize and simplify. I'd like to know why you felt like the chapter is flat and how I could unflatten it. :)

Ha! What a riot. I thoroughly enjoyed this short work of quirky thoughts and feelings. The first part with the stair-like lines was pretty cool. I think all of us can find things to relate to in this. Sometimes it's nice to find something short and fun to read. Thanks and God bless!
Oh yeah, and I completely know how it feels when someone doesn't think a joke you tell is funny. I can hear something I find hilarious and when I repeat it to someone else they just roll their eyes or don't get it. Oh well. We can't all appreciate British humor or random nonsense.
I really enjoyed this funny and creative entry.