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Amen!! Well written. You kept engaged throughout.

One small spelling detail - you want forth instead of fourth - I've made these kinds of mistakes too.

Being pretty sure I've had an angel sent by God to minister to me, I enjoyed this thoroughly.
God has given His angels to watch over us and keep us in all of our ways. This is a great testimony. Loved it.
An excellent story about the miracles of God and His angels. good job.
Awesome story- did it really happen?
Amazing true happening! You kept me engaged to the end. I believe too, that God commands His angels to watch over His flock that love Him and fear Him (Psalm 34)

I enjoyed your writing very much. Keep it up.
Blessings of more stories to tell for His glory. :)
Well written. Reminds me of God's protective Hand upon His kids. Biographical? Good job!
Love angel stories and this one didn't disappoint. God is so good. I love reading anything that reminds me of his great mercy and grace. Nice job. God bless.
Wow, that is quite a story! We may never know when the seeds we plant will grow or who will harvest them. Thanks for sharing this incredible story!
This account was great at holding my interest and glorifying God. You handled dialogue and description both very well. Concerning, "Finding solace in Isaiah 55:11" though -- I found myself wanting to know what that verse says without having to go look it up. (Lazy, I know, but I'm likely not the only one of your readers who is.) Did you know that you can put the Scripture down in Author's notes, and that it won't count on your 750 Word Count limit? Here, you could just put an asterisk by 'finding solace in Isaiah 55:11*' and then at the end of your story, put a small line or something to set it off, and Write "Author's Notes:" Then you can put the words of the Scripture in quotes, and what Bible version it is. This is OK in the rules, from my understanding, so long as you don't "overdo it". :-)
I'm glad you said it was a true story, or (I'm ashamed to confess) I'd have said, "Hmph," too. Amazing testimony! Thanks for sharing.
Yay, Anne Rene', congrats on your 7th place!