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Good on the pioneer of an old aunt! Gotta love quirky relatives like this. People in small towns are very much like this. Nice portrayal.
Well done! I'm thinking that you could easily move up a level. You did a delightful job of portraying Aunt Marvella, and of writing in the voice of a 15-year-old.
This is a delightful, well-written, and REALLY GREAT story! Look out level 2!
Lovely story.
Very well done! Good story! I think you may have over used Aunt Marvella's name a bit. Thanks for sharing!
"Grandma took a long time getting old and dying." I can really relate to that, watching my own mother ever so slowly deteriorate. Great use of paragraphs. You are definitely ready for level 2, if not level 3!
I just loved the 'voice' of the fifteen year old that shone throughout the whole piece. A well-crafted entry. Thanks for sharing.
Yeah, consistent voice. Well told, enjoyable, sad, yet triumphant, story. Yeggy
I'm glad things turned out swell for Aunt Marvella. I think granny would have understood. I enjoyed reading this story!
What a cute and well told story! I really enjoyed this one, and I think I even recognized a few people from my town in there! Haha!
Excellent title for a great story! Your writing is very descriptive. This is fun and well told!
Fantastic! Good for Aunt Marvella!! (I think someone might need to move up a level.)
very nice! great entry! Keep it up! :-)
This is so well written, with such a clear and distinct voice. Congratulations.
Great humor in this story. Are you one the mnessage boards yet?
Okay, I was wrong. After this fabulous and well-deserved win, I need to change my previous comment to "Look out level 3!" Congratulations!!!
Ann, Well done! Congratulations! Welcome to the ranks of those of us thrust from Beginners to Advanced in one big win! Glad to have your company! :) God Bless, Karen
Ann, I've got to tell you, I'm going to be watching for your entries. I was acting as a judge for Level 1, and have to say that when your entry came through toward the end of the week, I thought it was a breath of fresh air. I loved Aunt Marvella and found the whole story delightful. Wonderful, well deserved win! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Oh and yes, if you haven't already made the move, then you really do need to move up to Level 3 at the start of the next quarter. You can skip straight over Level 2. Love, Deb
I read this story in the book, and really enjoyed it. Well done!

Also, I am working on a project and would like your help. Could you contact me through PM (you can PM me even if you do not subscribe)? Thanks!-Amy