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Writing in the vernacular like this really pulls the reader in and adds even greater interest. Intriguing story.
Love it! Want to read more, so pleeeease tell me this is a story you plan on continuing. Also loved the dialect!
What a good job you did with this story. Loved the characters. Look forward to more from you.

I done just love the way of yer vernacular!
Wonderful story you had me fully engaged.It would be very enjoyable if you made a series out of the story.The characters already have come to life so why not go for it!
I do be lovin' that accent too! ;) Makes fer fun readin'!

A little tip: If you want to put thoughts or prayers in italics, surround the text with these .

Example: Hello

When you preview (and submit) your entry, the text should show up in italics. :)

Great job on the story!
Wow, I didn't know that HTML code worked in the comments! That downright ruins my little tip! HeHe!
Okay, try looking at this link instead. It explains italics and all that good stuff. :)
This is done quite well. Your characters seemed very real and convincing.
Excellent! I agree with the others...very well told and captivating.
Wonderful! Too bad it was so short. I want to read more.
You seemed to know what your were doing to hook us from the start. Ex. The name Mausy, or was it Mauzy, and the word rotund, created a strong first impression.

I think you know your no cellar dweller in this competition. It will be fund to see if you place.

Great job.
Congratulations in placing in the top 15 of your level.
You captured the urgency of the moment and put your reader there. Great work!
You have a gift with your stories that draws one in. I felt like I was back in "Gone With The Wind"!