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I loved this cute little story. Unique, and interesting. And if I might add, Kaugummi is not for cows. Or were they drooling for a little too?
Loved this lesson in the kind Christian integrity and character that should define a real man. Wondering if it's based on a true story?
The story got me in! I found I alternated from war time tension to regret over the wasteful loss of life. I could smell the stench of death and salivate with the chewing gum being slurped in.
I stand in honour of the integrity of the MC.
Dee-Lightful story.
enjoyed reading this because even tho it is quite a serious mission, it is the little things that get the soldiers thru these missions.
I can believe that that stripe was not worth the delight of the children.
good job
The first paragraph was so intense it drew me in immediately.

I must admit I did get lost a bit when the two soliders were talking. I had a hard time keeping it straight which one was who.

You did a great job telling me about a part of war I hadn't thought of before, gathering the bodies. It's important to keep telling these stories so that the world will fully understand how awful war can be.

However, the sweet ending brought a big smile to my face. You did a great job mingling the awful with the sweet.
I agree... Definitely worth the demerit.

Some more tags near the beginning would have helped. I found myself a bit confused about who was who.

Great story. Love the kids. :)
This was preciously touching to me. I have a heart for our honorable soldiers anyway, so loved how you showed just one man's compassion and tenderness in such an ugly invironment. Did my heart good!
Wonderful! You have a very creative gift!
A beautiful, sad, delightful story! So much emotion in this piece. It's a winner in MY book, for sure! Congratulations.
Congratulations on a great story and a needed reminder to keep our brave military in our thoughts and prayers.
Congratulations on your win.
God Bless.
What a perfectly delightful story, Ruth! I could just see this playing out as if it were a movie. You write so very well. Congratulations on a most well deserved win.
wonderful, heartwarming story--beautifully written
Pure delight that this story was recognised. Well done Ruth. Up you go!!!!