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I thought this was very clever. I was slightly confused at first, but that's also what peaked my curiosity and kept me reading. I could tell you had a specific direction the story was taking, and then it all came together and I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Then of course I had to read it again- and think its even better the second time.
This is a great story. I remember the school nurse doing the same thing for some of the girls in my school too. You did a good job showing how avoiding an uncomfortable situation can have consequences we're not aware of. Sometimes it's easier to pretend the problem doesn't exist, but if the nurse had done that poor Callie never would have been helped. Great lesson.
Nice character study and well written story that plays out in real life many times. You brought out the sense of smell but also the sense of perception in confronting delicate issues. Thumbs up! :)

This is a wonderful story told with much skill. It flowed effortlessly, despite the changing POVs. Very well done.
This was extremely well-done. I had an idea where it was going, but the uncertainty made me want to race along to the end, which was ideal. I really enjoy your writing; may God bless as you continue sharing your gift!
You kept me reading through to the end. I remember girls like your MC Callie. It made your story all the more believable. Good job catching the emotions of each of those kids and the teacher himself.
This really hit home. I had a kind, school counselor who asked the right questions at the right time. She saved my life. I'm glad there was a "turn around" moment for Callie as well. Great story.
A sensitive topic well handled! Great job!
This was fun. I like the way the impressions went back and forth from character to character, and yet you managed to keep your story on a straight course. I think you'll do well.
Good title, good story, told very well. Even tho I knew the story I wanted to read every word, and it really touches you, because I think we all have known or been that person.
Good writing, this drama happens all to often in schools. Thanks for keeping it fresh in peoples minds. Keep writing.