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I too am inspired by nature, and Psalm 139 is my favorite as well. Double check your grammer and keep writing.
You did a nice job describing what sounds like a delightful place.
You said you wanted to know where you made mistakes, so here is one I noticed: I watched as the squirrels as they ran up (you have the word as in there twice)
Here: My mind takes me too many places (the word should be to; too means also)
The only other typo is sites should be sights.

But the important thing is that these are all little mistakes that we all make at one time or another. Your work is improving each week.

You took me to the woods behind my house. It's one of my favorite places to go, but this year, I've been sad that I have been too sick to walk out there. But your story gave me many of the pleasures I experience when I do walk out among the trees and watch the animals. That is a great gift you have given me.
I also love nature-so much for the senses.

You did ask for comments. I am at beginner level, too, but this is what I noticed...

The tenses were being switched back and forth.

I am not sure I understand how this applies to the topic of feelings, as it touches on many senses.

You are blessed to have this site in you life. Keep on writing and utilizing your environment!
Your desire to express yourself through writing is obvious.

You asked for honest comments... here is one that I found: The sounds are amazing to free my turmoil. Consider rewording. One suggestion would be to read your work out loud to see how it flows.

Keep writing!