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Yuor description of this special place makes me want to join you. A beautiful reminder or our need and His desire to spend time together.
Apologies for the destracting typo :(
This was beautiful and peaceful.
I want to go with you. I can feel the peace emanating from your descriptions.
Good writing that makes me remember how important it is to have that special place with the One we love, away from the harshness and difficulties of the world.
Poetry in prose - simply beautiful. You have a gift with linking words and phrases together that literally paints scenes into the readers mind. With work like this, I doubt you will be in Beginners long.
Very good writing, especially for a beginnner. You won't be a beginner for long though! Keep it up.
Great title. I love the forests and I'm blessed to live where it is a matter of mere minutes away and I can sing the "River Song" of mu soul. Very good descriptive scene setting.
Lovely. I have no red ink for this. Simply beautiful.
Really, really good! You've got a good handle on "showing not telling", and I love the symbolism of the river as Christ, the River of Life. I don't expect you'll be in beginners very long! Excellent work.
This is beautiful. Congrats on your 1st place. See, I told you it wouldn't be long before you would move up! :o)
Very beautiful, you touch my heart.
This is so like a Psalm! I have been to that river.
I can really identify with the busy pase of your life, the overwhelming desire to fit it all in and the hunger to get close to Him.