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You make some valid points. I'd love to hear more maybe an example of when you misunderstood someone overthe phone or a time when you had an aha moment face to face. I really liked your last part. I've never thought of it quite like that before. It's a nice message.
I like the point you made about body language being 55% of communication. It seems I've heard that before but something I pay very little attention to. I really like the connection you make at the end of being face to face with God. You're point was made in a subtle fashion which I commend you for b/c I don't have the art of subtley! Good job!
Very sweet little devotional.

Since you had a lot of words to spare, I wonder if you might have added to the appeal of this piece by including some personal examples.

You made a very apt point at the end...well done!
At first, the writing felt academic, but then you zinged me with the end. Hmmm, maybe there is a little bit of Oswald Chambers in you. Good job!
Even in a non-fiction or devotional kind of piece, there is much room for showing instead of telling. Quick examples would make this easier for the reader to identify with, and would break up the more academic tone.

Now, for the nice stuff :) I think you make a good point here, and think if you'd started w/ your end point and drew that out- it'd go from good to great. It's a great thought and it's backed up well.

Keep writing, you've got a good start here.
Great devotional me something to ponder on for the rest of the week. I agree with Jan - personal stories relating to what you're writing about can add a lot to devotional pieces. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.