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I really enjoyed this piece. You must be close to my age as I was 13 when we got our telephone. Have to agree that it has its advantages, but often the disadvantages can really get to one. I loved your reference to prayer and continuing to talk on the telephonw and pray. I've seen many answers to prayer, so, of course, that outweighs the telephone. Good job of staying on track.
I like your down to earth mix of nostalgia with your grasp of modern times. This is warm and open-hearted material. A very enjoyable entry.
I enjoyed the walk back through time with you. I smiled at some of your descriptions. I remember the old party lines too. I also get frustrated when I can't get through to a real person. There are a few tricks for that though. Try pressing zero or a whole bunch of numbers. It often works! Nice story.
How true is this article. I know my grandparents had a line similar to this. I always remember that because we'd get on the phone and hear everyones conversation. How annoying was this. I didn't won't to hear their comments because sometimes they weren't always pleasant. It was who did this and what they said. Yuck.
Your entry does pull back the curtain of time. I would just caution you to edit your piece to pick up on punctuation errors and misspelled words. For example-do dads should be doodads. I would also suggest organizing your thoughts so that there's a smoother transition from one paragraph to the next.

I agree, most of our technological advances are often "necessary evils."