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the subject of this weeks challenge so lends itself to a fairytale and how clever to combine the fairytale aspect with such a heart rending "real" story.
I had tears in my eyes as i read this.
just one extra comment which is a personal one. For me the story would have hung together better if you had left out the final lines about the child's death and left the reader to guess the outcome. It seemed just slightly melodramatic.
brilliant writing however and i can see i am going to need a box of tissues this week :-)
I love the mother-daughter relationship you've portrayed in this piece. You did a wonderful job putting me right in the scene. I got right into it and found the setting of the "story" a nice touch.

The dialogue was great, but a little difficult to read due to the lack of spacing in the format. I found the words of the child were very true to life. Good job!
You discovered a very creative way to work this topic. Some of the magic was lost in the spacing. In a story where dialogue shifts, spacing is so important. Although the fairy tale weakened a bit in the end, the final dialogue between mother and daughter added a glowing finish,which as someone has commented, did not need the last sentence.

A great story that pulls the heart strings.
A fairytale with great promise put in a sad story. Its a great way to handle things when your child dies.If this is personal, I'm sorry for your loss. We who have lost children empathise with you.
A beautiful tale that warms the heart. It would be easier to read by dividing the dialogue into paragraphs.
Wow! What a great job of literally using the challenge phrase! I drew a complete blank on that one and you made an interesting and emotional story out of it. Loved it.
Very engaging with beautiful imagery. Thanks!
This is a very sweet and sad tale between a mother and daughter. I liked that the two realized the girl was destined to due and talked about it, instead of pretending it want going to happen.

Congratulations on placing 7th in level one.