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Interesting. I was confused at first until I got to the part where you mention the antennae. Nice twist on the topic.
I'm glad you kept me guessing until the end - I knew they weren't humans, but I couldn't put my finger on it. And then it all fell into place. Well done!
This piece is very close to perfection! What a masterful job you've done! My only concern is that the connection to the topic seems minimal. But this was truly great writing!
I really enjoyed this. I knew almost from the start it was ants. Reminded me of the story of the ant and the grasshopper. Thanks for sharing!
This is a really charming and delightful piece with a lovely twist. Well done. God bless.
An interesting entry - thoroughly enjoyed it. Just remember quotation marks around all dialogue and this could be perfect.
Ok, i am really dumb, lol. I had no idea they were ants. Even when i got to the antennae, I was like, what in the world word did she mean to write, then i thought they were martians, finally at the end i caught on. Sorry for being so dense. Very cute story.
Ants! What a great point of view to write form, and so cleverly disguised and carefully revealed. Well done.
Grrr. That from, fingers, from not form!
What a delightful story! So cute!
Cute story! There are some punctuation needs here and there but otherwise great!
Great beginning Cassie! Had to look your "First Challenge" up and read it! It was much better than my fact very creative...I would never have guessed you were an ant. lol. I wrote about you on the Boards...w/ a special thanks. Have another great year, fellow-Hoosier.
I got it about half way through. I guess I'm beginning to catch on to my fellow faithwriters. But it is very good and expresses a good pov.
You had a great start with the challenge. I love your whimsical entry.
Cute and fun - what a delight of a first entry! Great description.
This was awesome! I was suprised at the ending and it kept me entertained from start to finish! Great writing!
Impressive writing, Cassie. Loved this point of view.