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Desert Song is the perfect title for this because it is so lyrical. The beautiful imagry flowed line after line. Your words transformed the simple act of planting a seed into something amazing. Very well done!
Wow! What imagery. I was rooting (no pun intended) for the tiny plant. Your writing style flows very well from one sentence to the next. Good job.
Hurray! This is just a beautiful - STUNNING - piece! I love it even more each time I read it.
Wow. That is beautiful. Hmmm... you brought a smile to my face. Thank you. Hope to see it win!
This was fabulous! Great imagery, well written, and very much on the topic! A fantastic reminder of overcoming the odds...
:) Karen
Wow, just read the verses, and now I like it even more! Well done!
This was incredible. Beautifully done. I suspect you won't be in Beginners for long. Well done!
Wow, GREAT article! Well done!!
Wonderful; powerful, evocative and holds the reader with the imagery and telling. You obviously love words! Very, very good. God bless.
This is just magnificent. I know it isn't poetry, but it has a poetic feel about it. I've just read this passage in my daily readings too and so it is even more special. 'Well done' is nowhere near meaningful enough a comment, so I won't use it. I'll just say 'WOW!'
'Can the desert contain the joy of colour? Can the desolate place bear the sound of song?' Beautiful! What more can anyone say!
I can imagine this as the voiceover of a documentary. Very evokative and well-done!
Wow. I could really see this! Crossin' my fingers for you Karen!
Wonderful descriptions -reminds me of those nature films with the narrator voice overs :)
My goodness! What imagery! I never knew a desert could be so beautiful! Your writing ability reflects years of practice -- am I correct?
You have shown us that something we might take for granted is truly a miracle. Wonderful!
Magnificent, evocative and gripping description reflects great imagination and powers of observation. Am overwhelmed. Yeggy
Lovely, desciptive..and I often thought about how beautiful and amazing the desert flowers were as I passed by them. Sometimes I would see them after they had naturally dried, picked them and had taken them home for arrangements. I love this story, well written and carefully tended. God bless, littlelight
Karen, this is a wonderfully crafted piece that I enjoyed reading very much. Congratulations on your win. Your descriptions were clear and evoked visual images of the desert and its severe conditions - and yet, God still provides promise in the survival of the beautiful flower. We serve an awesome God, and may He continue to bless your writing. Yours in His name, Karen
Karen, I've already written to you privately, but I want to publicly congratulate you as well on this most deserved win. You were only 0.002 off first place - that is very close!

I was judging for the "Flowers" Challenge, and made one comment next to this entry when I read it - "Boy, oh boy! This person can write!" I didn't know at the time that it was you.

Karen, don't ever doubt for a second that you have been gifted by God to write for His glory.

Love always, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
What a treasure this is, so vivid. You deserved that win! Thanks for the brick!
Oh WOW! Your description is absolutely stunning and amazing. No wonder it placed. Magnificent, Karen!