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Very informative and well-written.

I really liked this entry.

I felt this was an "unique" approach in writing style. Almost a mix of poetry and prose/devotional.

I enjoyed this so much!
I really liked this piece. Itís different than most that Iíve seen. I liked the refrain (they stand), and the analogy to Godís people. I also enjoyed the smooth flow of the work and its unusual structure. Well done!
clever and i presume this is set in Israel.I too chose to take a psalm and develop it and set my story on the slops of a mountain in Israel:-) love the description and you give a real feeling of longevity and permancy in this writing
Ah, unique perspective and a good message too. I am always amazed at those giant trees who stand tall in the midst of everything. Good reminder for us to do the same.
Very nicely done. I like the way you tied scripture into this message, using God's creation as your jumping board. The cedars in Lebanon sound much like the giant redwoods in California. Still standing after centuries--and amazingly awesome. Miracles.
I am so glad you won the challenge this week! It was my favorite piece. I am also glad you won 4th place on EC.

Maybe, some day I will be joining you.
congrats you are clearly misplaced in the "beginners" move on up :-) this was one of my favorite pieces as well!
I am sorry I could not get to this piece of art before now. This is so anointed, powerful, the last third actually gave me goosebumps and I couldn't finish reading it aloud. Focused, anointed skills and a voice with purpose. It's like your words were marching. This is beyond deserving of an EC. Excellent. You inspired me.