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wow! such a clever tale and i loved the way it unfolded I was kept guessing right until the last package opened! you describe the prejudice and the teenage thought processes well. I think a sappier title might have made me turn to this one earlier.
There are so many good entries to beginners this week and this on is defo in my favorites pile :-)
I really liked this story. I believe too much time is spent on idle gossip and not enough on quality time with people.

I have a feeling you are from the UK, from some of the expressions you used. I think they added more charm to your piece.
if you're not from the UK, you've certainly mastered the art of setting your scene :)

this was great! frankly, I'm starting to get nervous- it seems the beginners aren't so beginnerish anymore. The competition is about to get stiffer :)

I love how you didn't just tell one moment, but you wove in a little backstory, too.

I really enjoyed this.

There are minor things that I would tweak, just to tighten up the story- but really-- this is very well done.

Excellent job!
Really, really excellent. the only complaint I would have is that the switch seemeed a bit fast, and the ending a bit too "perfect," but these are somewhat silly things to complain about. Well done.
Thoroughly enjoy reading this story and ending, well, to me, it was perfect - and unexpected which made it that much gooder.
My only critique would be to break up your paragraphs paying attention to when someone is talking and making a transition to another's thoughts or dialogue. Hope this places high.
Congratulations for placing 6th in level one!