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I wonder what happens to the elderly woman? was it Herb at the car? nice story... liked the ending!
I agree this was to me totally funny, true and fruitless (LOL)
You had me going to the end with the title--wise men want to know WHAT DO WE DO WHEN THERE AREN'T ANY BANANAS??? Sit down at the computor and write a story--(HEHEHE)
Really well written--enjoyed reading. God bless ya, littlelight
It's really a good write up. Smooth flow. I must be learning.
What a great article! You made me laugh with your description of him helping the old man! A well written piece and clever title.
I loved it!! It moved fast and every line kept my interest! You have a great sense of humor!
Isn't it funny when things like this happen? Nice story.
If you can still smile at the end of a frustrating day, then the day hasn't been entirely fruitless!! Nice little article, and made me smile: we've all had days like this. God bless.
Your story made me smile. I could see myself in your first two paragraphs. Nicely done.
I was wondering where you were going with this - but you certainly tied it up right at the end. Cute!
Such a cute and refreshing read! Just delightful!
Made me laugh! Favie part is when the elderly man bops her for helping! Thanks for the chuckle before I go to bed! :)
Too funny. Your "voice" is awesome.
Hmm...A fruit story with out any fruit that is all about fruit, sounds like it could've been on Seinfeld-the show about nothing! Great job Brandi! This is one of my favorites by you. Keep it up!
Funny! I enjoyed this poor fellas dilemma! And His 'fruitlessness!' Good job!
Too bad the elderly man didn't have a bunch of bananas in his grocery bag with which he began smacking your character for trying to help! I thought that's where you were going to go with your story. Very well done as a 'fruitless' venture.
hehe, cute story!! I liked it!
You have a good sense of what is funny without trying to "create" a joke. When you can bring humor to every day situations, you are tops in my book! I look forward to reading more of your stuff. ( Don't know why I started at this article. I think the title caught my attention)