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What a good illustration of how Satan gets a hold on people, just a little at a time. This is a good thought-provoking article.
You gave me chills of some sort. His sin made me feel sick to my stomach. You describe one who is truly lost perfectly. Maybe you can continue the story this week, I hope he repents!!!!
So nice and casually told. It gave the feel of how casual this fellow is about what he does that is clearly so wrong to us... how much do we do that is clearly so wrong to God that we justify to ourselves in our ignorance! Thank goodness we have His grace and forgiveness to turn to when we figure out where we have left a foothold for the enemy!
I love this! You get an A plus for originality. You did an outstanding job making me feel like the MC was right in the room with me telling me his secret and fears. This is one of my all-time favorites!
I loved the energy and creativity in the story. I think it not only about Satan, but about how we can rob God of our time, money, and talents and think He's not watching.
great! so original and clever. I think it is a winner on many counts.At the start I thought it was going to be the same as some of the other entries college drop out come good but you were so clever in keeping up the twisted POV right through and added the God sees all message as well. Lets hope this character gets more than he bargained for!
Congratulations for ranking 9th in your level!