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You had very good thoughts and a convincing argument. However, you may want to rethink the title of the article--so readers will be more likely to be drawn to it.
As Bonnie suggested the title contains the subject of the challenge and might put people off from reading it.
You pose some good thoughts but in actual fact they don't agree with the advise about this challenge offered by the moderators. If you go to the forum about the Challenge you will see there clarification about each week's challenge. Be encouraged you write clearly and communicate your thoughts well. Keep up the good work.
This is an interesting essay on the topic. I liked the scripture references and your POV is quite thought provoking.
well crafted. :-) well thought out.
You have a lot of good thoughts in this and I really enjoyed the read! You lay your thoughts out extremely well, in concise, well worded and thought provoking prose.

My suggestion is with the others, the rules suggest we not use the subject as our title. I would suggest to maybe have omitted the first five paragraphs where you define sellout, and to have started in where you start talking about "true sellouts", which is the real meat of your story.

Keep up the good writing!