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I liked this poem and says all that needs to be said..well done
AMEN & AMEN & AMEN. A truly great poem to remind us without Him working in us we are nothing!!! Well done and thanks for sharing. Love from JOHN3-34 Evangelist xxx
Great message, sweet, rythmic poem! Very nice!
A poem PACKED with so much! You cover it all so well. Very, very good!
Laurie, in each of your poems you define the description 'serene loveliness'. What a gift!
This is great! Lots of good content, great rhythm etc. Well done.
You are describing me, especially when I am at work. The atmosphere makes me want to blow my top sometimes, well, all the time. The only thing that keeps me in check is God. I had my performance evaluation and my supervisor told me that she wished I was full time instead of parttime because I am so even tempered and level headed. She also said that no one had an unkind word about me. Wow! Good thing God lets me vent to Him as often as I want. That's a testament to the awesome power of our God! Thanks for sharing this poem.
Wonderful poem! I enjoyed reading it!