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Very interesting perspective on Samson and Delilah. God Bless~
Well written! You're right, Delilah was very persuasive, and we all have the power to be persuasive ourselves-for good or for evil. Some great thoughts here.
Loved your title. The hallmark of a good article starts with a great opening sentence and a final sentence that ties the theme and contents of the article together. Try to work on opening and ending sentences.

When you transition from one paragraph to the next, the opening sentence of the next paragraph should tie in with the content of the previous sentence before you introduce a new idea. This prevents your piece from becoming a series of paragraphs without an overriding theme.

Great word usage and descriptive language.
You told a nice story and I liked the points you made.

It did confuse me a bit when in the middle you smutched from 3rd person to first then back again. Also you usedthe word whiles incorrectly it should be wiles.

Overall your did a nice job explaining many of the details I don'tthink about when I think of Sampson. Your have a lot of passion about your material. Keep writing.