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I got a real chuckle from your ending! One suggestion. You need to make new paragraphs now and then to break up the writing and make it easier to read.

Hit enter twice when you want to leave a break to make it more readable. Interesting article
This was totally delightful in such a clever way. I loved it. And, the ending - made me smile...Somehow I know you have many friends. Good job! God Bless~
This was very informative and humorous...thanks for sharing...I did find it difficult to read in places. you may need to address some of your sentence structures, and break it up into paragraphs to make it more readable. This critique is only given to help you improve your craft. I did enjoy the read...
This was an interesting read. I laughed out loud at the last line. Is hope that you have no friends is fiction too)

In the beginning you went from talking about food to computers quite abruptly. To ease the transition, you may want to use humor.

You definitely covered the topic. The title doesn't necessarily fit your story as you only mention food at the beginning and at the end.

You did a nice job of giving the reader something to think about and that's always a good thing.
This was so informative, and completely enjoyable. I wish I was armed with this knowledge before I wrote my story! Thanks so much.
With the exception of title, opening and conclusion, your article was on topic. I suggest you stay more focused on the main points to avoid slipping into multiple/nonrelated sub-topics. i.e. From Spam being a big business to a politically correct culture. Doing this impacts on your central point of view/main message. Some extra work needed on sentence structure and grammar. You were a little weak in the "Creative" category, but you did present some unique ways to deal with Spam. Thanks for the suggestions.