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This was an interesting read. I enjoyed your prose/poem. I liked the latter part the best, it really flowed nicely. Good job - God Bless~
I don't get this...had a creative touch though...thanks for your efforts...
Dearest Randy, Thank you for feedback even though it wasn't positive, at least it was honest. On the topic of SPAM lets face it, not too much serious thoughts could really be expressed in my opinion and so, I try to keep my world light, filled with humor and spam would be considered light weight, lets get rid of it with all attempts of humor if possible. Perhaps the next topic will be for the more serious thoughts and not so childlike. But, again, thank you for your honesty, I did not read any of yours, but I will. I do like metaphors and allegories the very best. Sincerely Bonnie
Poetry really isn't my favorite genre but I enjoyed your piece. The almost nonsensical contrast was absolutely brilliant. You did an outstanding job of nailing the topic, not only with your words but with the contrasts you presented. This is one of my favorites. (I wonder if everyone will "get" it, but I did and appreciate your irony)
Thank you, Shann Hall-LochmannVanBennekom, I so very much appreciate your wonderful comment. It meant so much to me as I truly needed to hear your understanding and insightfulness of my poem. Every thing in our lives Christian or non are not always black and white or even grey for God has given us humor when we need it the most, that is the joy of oil of gladness when we grieve or have fears. So this is where most of my writing arises. Thank you, I will put you on my list of must reads. I'm recuperating but soon will be back fit as a fiddle and able to read your endearing words as well.. Thank you, Bonnie
Creative? Yes. Right on topic. Crafting? Great metaphors galore, but at times, I wondered where the rhyming went.:-). Did you intend to have that ; in one; dreads? Overall, a delightful message with a clear point of view.
Hello Lillian, thank you for posting your comments. Hmm...? ;dread? Well, I think I needed to pause showing disappointment. I wanted it to read like Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat... Tongue in cheek... Anyway, thank you for reading, Bonnie