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Good job - and an especially powerful ending. I enjoyed this. God bless~
I love the scripture at the end. Thanks for sharing this.

Just a couple of things: when something denotes ownership, there should be an apostrophe before the s. (example; Monty Python's 'spam' sketch)

("Pondering on what may have happened, came across my mind that the evil one, Satan is out to destroy.") I would reword the entire sentence so it flows and jells better.

This constructive critique is meant to help you improve your craft. I did enjoy the read.
This was an entertaining read. You made me smile.

You had a few little errors like missing a hyphen after Monty Python's skit. Okay should be spelled out or both letters capitalized.

You definitely covered the topic in a fun, creative way. I've never heard that story before. I like your message at the end.
Did this fit the topic? Yes.
How well crafted? Your piece is weak in this category. Some examples: You mixed present tense and past tense verbs in the same sentence. Also, for a smoother flow, try to find ways to write a sentence without using "was," "is", and "ing."

Ex. Not long ago, my spam emails stopped, but before then, what a headache!... From "It is no doubt," to, "No doubt."

With a bit of polish and sentence restructuring, this will be a great personal testimony with a clear message.
It was interesting to read the origin of spam mail for the internet.
I liked that you linked spam with Satan using the internet to get to families. Intersting.
Julie Andre