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Good job- I am sorry if you had to go through that FB horror. I personally do not have an account - and have been asked by so many of my friends to join. I politely decline and opt to go "face to face" with them instead.

I enjoyed this entry. Thanks
God Bless~
This is a thought provoking article about just how secure our means of communication really is. You also talk about the issue of not being involved in the Social Media and the possible costs of non-involvment. I felt the article was balanced and brought out some good points.

There were a couple of grammatical points that might mave been polished a little by reading the article out loud, but otherwise a really good article
I enjoyed this mini sermon. My son is struggling with some of the issues you touched on so it hit a chord with me. You definitely covered the topic.
A very nice piece of writing and a very consistent and well presented viewpoint. I understand what you mean about it being the way people communicate and they even look at you strange when you don't have an account for this or that. It's true that each one has to make their own determination but, as you point out, should do so being fully aware of both the benefits and possible challenges.

Very well done!