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I really admired your mc's perseverance. The details made it sound like it was a true story. I enjoyed following her steps to achievement.
I'm so proud of Sandy! She sounds like me - My husband (Brad, btw) calls me tenacious. Tiny red ink - try not to over-use exclamation points - let your writing speak of the excitement and you won't need them. Great story!
I wanted to cheer! A fun read with a great ending. There were a few spots where the action could have been "shown" rather than "told", but a wonderful entry all the same. Keep it up!
I loved Sandy's respect and good attitude toward her non-believer husband. I'm thinkin' that she may achieve more than sewing machine success that way! (1 Corinthians 7:16-17)

Good story. Your character is inspirational!
I like this story.

I think you may have used the ! a bit too much. Generally speaking, they should be used VERY sparingly, and when you do use them, they should almost all be in dialogue. If you use it too much, it looses is punch when you really need it.

Nice job on this one. Keep writing.
I loved your MC's tenacity! She just didn't take "no" for an answer! Love it!

Great work, very well written all the way through!

I loved the perseverance in your MC and her references to her father. My Dad had little patience & a short temper- would have said something like, "Throw it out the window!" I'm so glad our heavenly Father has both the patience and the wisdom to fix us!
I love how she persevered through every step. If only I can be like that!
Simple story told in an interesting way. You have a talent for writing. I hope you keep it up.
Yes! Great job...powerful execution, and totally on topic. WOnderful job.
Thank you for this.

God bless~